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Cheap White Birkenstocks Guam Sandals Mens Oiled Leather White Outlet Online

Cheap White Birkenstocks Guam Sandals Mens Oiled Leather White Outlet Online

best birkenstock style Rapper, Kanye West, signed with Nike to sell his Air Yeezy sneakers. At a concert stop in Brooklyn, Kayne told his fans that he signed a deal a week and a half ago. No one knew what Kanye was talking about until November 25, 2013. According to Chuba, Kanye elaborated with Angie Martinez, radio host from New York's Hot 97 about his new deal. He said that he's dropped the Nike contract and signed with Adidas. birkenstock soft footbed

birkenstock sneakers POINT ROBERTS, WASH. Canadians have long crossed the border into this 13 square kilometre peninsula south of Tsawwassen to shop for cheap dairy products, booze, poultry, to fill up on gas, and, in the 1970s, to watch X rated films. online purchases. birkenstock shops A first look at a February Nike SB Dunk High Quickstrike release is upon us, inspired by black skateboarder Chuck Treese of the metal band McRad. Treese is the first black skateboarder to ever grace the cover of Thrasher magazine, which occurred in an issue in 1984 (noted by the embroidery on the outer toe of the shoe). The colorway is derived from the of Sanity album, with suede and twill materials adorning the upper. In addition, the Chuck Treese x Nike SB Dunk High is set to hit select Nike SB accounts in February the observed month for Black History. More images below, so take a look and stay tuned to Sneaker News for more updates on this upcoming release. I live in Michigan, but usually can't drive the hour and a half it takes to get there for a release, so I just call. They never gouge on the price, and they ship ridiculously fast. I ordered the Concepts when pigs fly sb release from them, and they were on my doorstep next day. They charged the lowest amount I saw online for them and don't beat you up for shipping either. I can't recommend those guys enough.(616) 742 2660Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with that shop, I just spend a lot of money with them, I've gone other places too, but Premier has top notch service.锘緾hucks have been soaring and scoring Cheap White Birkenstocks Guam Sandals Mens Oiled Leather White Outlet Online birkenstock shoes men

At the nutrition classes at the diabetic clinic, Shelton learned a recipe for a more healthful frybread, made with better for you oils. Not like your grandma's frybread, he says, but it's good for you. birkenstocks on sale A journalist was assigned the Lebanon beat. Walking through the bombed out streets of Beirut one day, he heard some beautiful music coming from a doorway. He wandered over to where the music was being played and there saw a lad playing a flute. The music was beautiful, but the flute was the weirdest looking instrument he had ever seen. He got as close as he could properly get when the lad stopped playing, smiled and handed him the instrument. It was not until he picked up the flute did the journalist understand. For what this young Lebanese boy had done was to find in some field a discarded rifle, re bore holes in the barrel of that rifle and transform a gun into a flute.

In addition to the new design, this integrated uniform system provides enhanced durability and innovation from the inside out. Additional padding without the bulk offers optimal low profile impact protection specifically throughout the crucial hit zone around the hip area. Cheap White Birkenstocks Guam Sandals Mens Oiled Leather White Outlet Online posted by amtho at 9:38 AM on May 30, 2010 newalk birkenstock

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Todd's eyes lit up. I've got the Kobe Five, but the Six is even better. He pointed to his ankle and described a line just below his pants cuff. See, most guys think you gotta have a high top, but you don't not with the Kobe Six you don't. See, it's got this structure that gives you all the support you need and keeps the shoe lightweight. best birkenstock style Wilt Chamberlain didn't wear fancy sneakers

Cheap White Birkenstocks Guam Sandals Mens Oiled Leather White Outlet Online It really evolved over time, he said. I just felt there was a new place I could take it. colorful birkenstocks The rights of the people under Capitalism have long been asserted long ago by the philosopher John Locke. Among the rights of men, he said we are entitled to life, liberty, and property. To quote Locke.

Picking up on interest surrounding the Boston Marathon (April 19, 2010), one of five World Marathon Majors, Trendhunters draw attention to running skirts, fancy dress, super supportive shoes and a stowaway treadmill among other things. Cheap Womens Birkenstock Milano Sandals Dark-Red Outlet Online Anyone else who wants to get their hands on the trainers which feature an illumination system should log on to eBay, where 150 pairs a day are being auctioned for ten days. Fox, who was diagnosed with Parkinson disease in 1991, welcomed Nike fundraising efforts. project is exciting to me because it brings together three very passionate audiences: the Parkinson community, sneakerheads and Back to the Future fans, he said. their support we can accelerate our objective of finding a cure for Parkinson money from the sale of the trainers will be doubled, as Google co founder Sergey Brin and his wife Anne Wojcicki have agreed to match all donations to the foundation until the end of 2012, up to a total value of million.锘?5 million boxing shorts for Mayweather fight There's a lot of crazy money being thrown around for the upcoming Mayweather Pacquiao fight and that crazy money includes the boxing shorts Manny Pacquiao will be wearing when the opening round bell rings. Manny Pacquiao's boxing shorts are worth .25 million for the big fight. How did arrive at that figure? That is the amount of money sponsors are paying to have their ads on Manny Pacquiao's boxing trunks or shorts for the big fight on Saturday night, May 2, 2015, in Las Vegas. Manny Pacquiao will be wearing .25 million boxing shorts for Mayweather fight There are expected to be six different sponsors paying a total of .25 million to be on Manny Pacquiao's shorts for the big fight. Included among those six sponsors are Nike, Air Asia, and Cafe Puro. Those three sponsors were on Pacquiao's boxing trunks the last time he fought. In addition to the .25 million boxing shorts, Manny Pacquiao is also expected to wear a headband with a Motolite batteries logo strategically placed on it and Pacquiao is also going to be wearing a t shirt at the weigh in with an Organo Gold Coffee ad on it. No word on how much Manny Pacquiao is charging for the headband or t shirt, but it's probably pretty good money. For his part, Floyd Mayweather is also going to have sponsor ads on his boxing trunks too. FanDuel has confirmed they will have their name on the belt line of Mayweather's shorts. No word on how much FanDuel is paying for that or whatever other sponsors will be on Floyd Mayweather's shorts, but you can be sure he's going to be making big bucks off his boxing trunks too.锘?5 Nike Ads That Shaped The Brand Last week, Nike celebrated the 25th anniversary of its ingenious Just Do It advertising campaign with a 90 second commercial voiced by Bradley Cooper, inviting viewers to step into the arena with sports stars ranging from LeBron James to Serena Williams.We looked at the past two and a half decades of the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy's work to find the Nike ads that shaped the brand's history.The Very First 'Just Do It' Ad (1988)The first time the world heard Just Do It was in this television commercial featuring Walt Stack, a then 80 year old running icon. In the ad, a shirtless Stack lumbers across the Golden Gate Bridge while telling the audience he runs 17 miles every morning.Just Do It came to Nike at a pivotal time: the company was trying to reverse a mid decade decline in which it lost its position as the United States' top selling shoe brand. Needless to say, Just Do It was a step in the right direction.Michael Jordan Teams Up With Spike Lee's Mars Blackmon (1988)In 1988, Nike launched the first of a series of commercials starring Michael Jordan and Spike Lee, neither of whom had yet reached superstar status in their respective fields.Mars Blackmon, Lee's over caffeinated fanboy character, elicited laughs with his complete lack of self awareness, and Jordan's comparative cool helped him win over a generation of basketball fans.The iconic, black and white ads cemented the Air Jordan shoe's place in the national consciousness as both a fashion statement and a collectors' item. Money, it's gotta be the shoes!For a one of a kind athlete, Wieden + Kennedy needed a one of a kind ad campaign.Wieden + Kennedy highlighted Bo Jackson's versatility as both a professional football and baseball player in a series of ads based on the premise that Jackson's skills extended well beyond his two sports of choice.The Bo Knows series yielded one of the most memorable commercials of all time, which used special effects to treat viewers to a room full of Bo Jacksons clad in various ridiculous sporting outfits. More importantly for Nike, the ads dramatically improved the company's cross trainer sales, helping it regain its position as America's biggest athletic shoe company.锘?50 MetaRun Shoes Worth the Hype There's been a lot of talk in running and shoe geek circles around the Asics MetaRun, most notable the 0 price tag. The sky high cost is mostly due to loads of tinkering with materials to create what essentially is a concept car for your feet: You can only buy the limited edition MetaRun through the end of 2015, but we're likely to see some of these new features work their way into other Asics models down the road. So should you buy them? We took them for a few test runs to find out. Here's what we think: RELATED: The Best Trail Running Shoes Initially, we were comforted by the cozy step in feel customary with Asics. The shoes win the war on the floor because you immediately say Oooh when you slip one on. All that memory foam around the collar and the thick sockliner gives you the impression the shoe will deliver a cushy ride even if you haven't taken a step. RELATED: Our Love Affair With the New Nike Free RN Distance And, in fact, it does. Its new foam composition is said to be half the weight of standard EVA, without sacrificing cushioning and responsiveness. Combined with a repositioning of gel units, the ride is forgiving, but not the marshmallow like soft variety you'll find on Hoka One One models or even the slightly spongy ride that the Nike Air Pegasus delivers. Instead, it has firm cushioning that will really be appreciated by bigger bodied guys who put a lot of force into the foam. Smaller, lighter runners are likely to find the ride a bit stiff. That stiffness is partly due to the shoe's stabilizing features: It has a stout plastic heel counter that wraps around the back to help keep your foot locked over the midsole. And under the arch is a carbon fiber shank that prevents the sole from deforming too greatly as your foot rolls in on the foam. Similar features are common on most stability shoes, though with cheaper construction that helps keep the overall cost of the shoe in check. RELATED: The Best Road Running Shoes to Buy Now The top notch workmanship continues above the foot, where a two layer upper includes an engineered mesh shell that offers structure where you most need it, without the use of confining overlays. The inner lining is seamless and so soft against your foot, you can rock these sockless. While Asics claims the fit is like a glove, we found it cups the heel tight and wraps snugly through the midfoot, especially at the arch, but there's plenty of wiggle room in the toebox and space for the feet to swell on long runs.锘?6 Fitness Trackers Ranked from Worst to First MoreWith New Hillary Clinton Scrunchies, Your Hair Woes Are Over ForeverApple Store's New Look Demotes iPods From Tables To ShelvesThese Apple Watch Accessories Might Be Cooler Than the Apple Watch Itself Fine. You didn buy a smartwatch. You were never going to anyway. Meet the : a less expensive, more immediately useful tech product that might actually help get your lazy self in shape. Designed to gamify your daily exercise routines, fitness trackers make people do funny, crazy things, like going to sleep at the same minute every night, or taking the long route to the bathroom, just to get in another 20 steps. But hurry! You got two more weeks until all that New Year resolution spirit turns into another pack of peanut M to Look For You could spend hours comparing every single feature in the 20+ fitness trackers on the market (and actually, we done that), but for most people, just keep the following three things in mind: 1) Get Something that Looks and Feels Good No matter how impressively a given tracker detects sleep quality or measures calories, you be miserable if you buy something you don like to wear. Pay attention to design, and consider spending a bit more for a device that elegant and low profile. Before you buy a , think hard about whether you want to feel like you wearing an Elizabeth Swann corset for 5+ hours every day. 2) Get Something that Syncs Automatically Fitness trackers work best when they sync automatically. You want to be able to throw on your strap, clip, or bracelet, then casually check stats at your leisure, as opposed to some sort of ritualistic, 5 o rite where you plug in your USB cord and wait to see how far that last piece of chocolate cake set you back. Remember: set it and forget it. Unfortunately, syncing processes for fitness trackers vary. Procedures range from fully manual, 10 minute syncing ceremonies to 20 second manual updating to seamless, cloud based tracking. As such, we included an Ease of Syncing score (out of 5), which takes all the various factors into account. As a general rule, don buy anything with an Ease of Syncing score lower than 3. 3) Get Something that Works with Your Device(s) Before you make the final purchase, double check that your tracker of choice is compatible with your personal phone, tablet, or computer. Not every product works with every device: some work only with a specific list of mobile phones, while others are designed solely for syncing with a desktop computer. The Rankings With that in mind, let rank (almost) every fitness tracker on the market, from worst to first. You not sure whether to feel bad for, or inspired by, these trackers. At times, they seem like excellent products, with a healthy mix of tracking modes, additional features, and acceptable syncing capabilities. Still, all four have a little baby fat that needs to be worked out. The BodyMedia FIT Link costs about too much, and doesn sync as well as most alternatives. The Fitbit Zip provides a nice lightweight option, but its bigger brother Fitbit One much more for a small increase in cost and weight. The LifeTrack Move and SYNC Burn provide standard functionality, but little else out of the box. Take a quiet pass on these trackers, but don discourage them just need a little more time and some positive reinforcement. Every recovering couch potato remembers the day he was no longer embarrassed to go to the gym. Sure, he wasn ripped like the guy at the door, and granted, he hadn fully worked out the belly flab, but for once, he could walk through the facility doors with pride: he was officially shape. These fitness trackers are that guy. With better potential, however, comes higher expectations. Experts ding the Nike Fuelband and Striiv Play for their underwhelming feature sets, while some criticize the BodyMedia FIT Core for its gaudy design. The Nike Fuelband SE and Jawbone Up24 both receive praise for their sleek designs, but experts conclude that the price (0) is ultimately too high for these good but not great trackers. Save your money and buy a bag of veggie chips. Now we arrive at the serious trackers. Like gym rats themselves, they don accept compromise. Just as a stray donut might throw off the professional trainer, so too will a missing feature or bad user interface ruin an otherwise excellent fitness device, and these trackers know it. Experts praise all four devices for their combination of basic tracking and advanced features, each of which provides special reports, such as sleep time or sleep quality. As in fitness, however, getting the last 10% right is just as tough as nailing the first 90%. Experts dock the Lark Life and Withings Pulse for a few design shortcomings (neither are as sleek as a Fitbit product), while the Jawbone UP limited syncing capabilities detract from an otherwise standout device. Finally, the once chiseled Fitbit Flex has begun to show its age next to its younger, more agile brother, the Fitbit Force. Olympic athletes among casual competitors, each of these trackers does at least one thing better than any other product on the market. The Misfit Wearables Shine boasts the most elegant design of the lot, with sharp minimalist sensibilities and a simple radial interface. It also versatile: clip it onto any piece of clothing or simply snap it onto your wrist. Meanwhile, the Basis B1 comes packed with dozens of features, sports advanced auto detection, all while identifying patterns and trends in your workout. It a tracker made by tech geeks for tech geeks. Then there the Fitbit One: the most size efficient product on the list. Weighing a mere 8 grams, the tracker sports more options and better syncing than alternatives four times its weight. Finally, the Fitbit Force earns top honors for doing just about everything well. With a slick, OLED display, the streamlined Fitbit design, a broad set of features, and fully automated syncing (at least with Apple and Samsung recent phones), you can do any better than the Fitbit Force.锘?7 New Nike Shoes For Basketball Do you love basketball shoes? Are you a rabid sneakerhead who simply can't get enough pairs of basketball sneakers? Do you sometimes get an anxiety attack because you weren't able to get a pair of a sick limited released kicks? Well, you are not alone. Yours truly knows the joy and pain you feel with every new shoe release. The new Nike Hyperdunk 2011 has released. This news may cause you joy or pain depending upon your appetite for every and all colorways that one shoe can possibly drop in. This shoe has released in 27 different colorways at the moment. If you are obsessive compulsive like myself, and have to have every coloway of this sick shoe, you may be experiencing some pain right now. Or, more accurately, your bank account is feeling some pain right now. On the other hand there is also joy to be exprienced with this news. All 27 of these delicious Hyperdunk colorways can be purchased without having to pay air fare, book a hotel, and camp out in your sweet tent. The Nike Hyperdunk was originally made popular by one Kobe Bryant. Kobe rocked the Hyperdunk several years back. The shoe has been one of Nike's most popular pair of basketball shoes ever since. The reason it has been so popular for years now is the use of Nike Flywirein the construction of the shoe. Flywire is the strongest and lightestmaterial ever used on the upper of a basketball shoe. As a result, the Nike Hyperdunk 2001 provides the maximum amount of stability and lightweight performance that a basketball shoe can possess. This updated Flywire allows for much more breathability than a older Hyperdunk would have. In addition, a lightweight Phylon midsole, 3D reinforced midfoot shank, and solid rubber herringbone outsole are featured on this new shoe. The mulititude of colorways that have already dropped in the Hyperfuse 2011 is absolutely ridiculous! Ridiculousin the best way possible that is. If you are into to color, this shoe delivers. Short of metallic fuscia, there is no color you can not cop in this shoe. If you are not into flashy colors, there are plenty of black and white colorways waiting to be copped. And getting yours hands on them will be very painless. As you can tell, I am a sucker for colors, flashy and otherwise. The amount of colorways available in the Nike Hyperfuse 2011 are endless. That gives myself and other fanatical sneakerheads the opportunity to cop an endless amount of one of the best Nike shoes for basketball made. All I have to do now is find a part time job.锘?K Sports Teams with Nike to Offer the Ultimate Basketball Experience NEW YORK New York, state, United StatesNew York, Middle Atlantic state of the United States. It is bordered by Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and the Atlantic Ocean (E), New Jersey and Pennsylvania (S), Lakes Erie and Ontario and the Canadian province of 2K Sports, a publishing label of Take Two Interactive Two redirects here. For other uses, see Take Two (disambiguation).Take Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO) is an American publisher, developer, and distributor of video and computer games and video game peripherals. Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: TTWO TTWO Take Two Interative Software, Inc. (stock symbol) ), and Nike, Inc. (NYSE NYSESee: New York Stock Exchange :NKE NKE Nike, Inc. (stock symbol)NKE National Knowledge Exam (Canada)NKE NK2 Homeobox Factor Binding ElementNKE Northwest Kodly EducatorsNKE Network Kernel Extension ) today announced they have partnered to deliver a new level of authentic basketball experience in the fall 2005 release of the NBA 2K NBA 2K is a basketball video game series that was initially exclusive for the Sega Dreamcast starting in 1999. The series was originally published by Sega, under the label Sega Sports and developed by Visual Concepts. 6 video game. This relationship marks the deepest integration into video games See video game console. ever for Nike, with authentic footwear, the use of performance attributes associated with specific footwear models and the first ever video game integration of the Nike iD shoe customization function. In addition to Nike footwear, the game also will feature athletes wearing other Nike brands including Jordan and Converse.The relationship between 2K Sports and Nike is about the natural union of two leading brands synonymous with synonymous withadjective equivalent to, the same as, identical to, similar to, identified with, equal to, tantamount to, interchangeable with, one and the same as sports, competition and innovation, said Erik Whiteford, vice president of marketing, 2K Sports. Through this relationship, our aim is to deliver a truly unique basketball experience that taps into the intense passion and energy of the sport.Partnering with an industry leader like 2K Sports allows us to deliver new and rich experiences with the Nike brand and also to provide more authentic gameplay for the consumer, said Ralph Greene, US Basketball Brand Director, Nike.Among the most compelling elements of the partnership is the integration of the Nike iD shoe customization feature within the game functionality. In 24/7, NBA 2K6's Streetball Mode, players dribble across North America North America, third largest continent (1990 est. pop. 365,000,000), c.9,400,000 sq mi (24,346,000 sq km), the northern of the two continents of the Western Hemisphere. and compete in various streetball tournaments. As players advance through the mode, a new pair of Nike Basketball shoes is awarded to the user. Each shoe earned is then added to the player's Nike Shoe Locker. The shoes are classified based on Nike's Flight, Force and Uptempo categories and give the user enhanced performance when worn in the game. The player must choose the best performance characteristics, such as greater speed, to defeat the opponent. Once shoes are collected in the locker, gamers can use the exclusive 24/7 Nike iD customization feature to personalize their shoes.Other key components of the 2K Sports and Nike in game integration include: Nike Shoe Locker As gamers fill up their locker with the Nike shoes they've won in various streetball challenges, they will have the option to return to their locker throughout the mode and select shoes that will favorably affect their ability in future competitions. The virtual shoe attribute boosts are aligned to the true to life performance benefits of each particular Nike shoe. Nike and 2K Sports to cooperatively launch new shoes Throughout the upcoming NBA NBA1. National Basketball Association2. National Boxing AssociationNBA (US) n abbr (= National Basketball Association) Basketball Dachverband (= season, secret codes will be announced allowing users to unlock newly released Nike signature shoes in the game. These shoes will be found exclusively in NBA 2K6. In standard gameplay mode, over 200 Nike athletes will be wearing their actual Nike shoes. Collector's editions of 2K Sports / Nike shoes to be released to the sneaker enthusiast community. Each collector's shoe will be bundled with a copy of NBA 2K6.NBA 2K6 will hit the courts with all the ingredients necessary to continue its reign as the 1 rated professional basketball game.锘? 'City Series' Pack Nike has been bringing quickstrike packs to their runners for a minute now, earlier this year we saw the both theFree Run+ 2 and the Nike LunarGlide+ 2 get City Packs. Looking for the hat trick, Nike is going in again with a collection based on metropolitan centers. We already gave you previews of both the NYC and Berlin versions of the Nike LunarGlide 3 and we back now with a detailed look at the whole capsule. This one leans a little US heavy with 3 out of the 5 cities represented being American. Hit the jump for full images of each of the sneakers include in the City Pack as well as background info on the collaborating artists. Keep your eyes out for these at Nike retailers near you. Nike Lunarglide+ 3 City Pack Beijing by Nod Young Nod Young is an artist and designer from Beijing, China. Young specializes in merging Chinese culture and visual elements from the Orient into his modern art work. This localization of artistic expression and creative attitude is particularly prominent and rare in the era of globalization. Two years ago, Nod shut down his creative team after 8 years of operation to devote his time and energy into creating art independently. This is when Nike approached Nod allowing him to apply his pure expression of culture into commercial product concepts.锘? arrested in Chicago Black Friday protests Chicago police say three people have been arrested during demonstration along the city's high end shopping district on Black Friday to draw attention to the police shooting of a black teenager.Several protesters were seen lying face down on the ground in handcuffs. A police spokesman said three people were arrested, two traffic related and a third related to a battery. He didn't give details.Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said he believes the protests have gone exceptionally well in large part because his officers have gone out of their way to let demonstrators express their outrage. He says despite people screaming in their faces, getting hit with spittle and thrown objects, officers are acting in a professional manner.The march is the latest demonstration in the city since Tuesday, when officials released a video that shows 17 year old Laquan McDonald being shot 16 times and prosecutors charged Officer Jason Van Dyke with first degree murder.Hundreds of protesters are blocking entrances to stores in Chicago's high end shopping district on Black Friday to draw attention to the police shooting of a black teenager.Some of the demonstrators linked arms to form human chains in front of main entrances to stores on both sides of Michigan Avenue for more than three blocks.Store employees were directing shoppers to exit from side doors. When one person tried to get through the front door of Saks Fifth Avenue, protesters screamed at him, shouting, Shut it down! Shut it down.Entrances were also blocked at the Disney Store, the Apple Store, Nike, Tiffany Co., and Neiman Marcus.Many shoppers seemed to take the disturbance in stride. Some even snapped photos of the crowd.The release of a video this week showing the fatal shooting in 2014 of 17 year old Laquan McDonald has set off days of largely peaceful protests.Not all of the groups taking part in the Black Friday protest in Chicago's ritziest shopping district are taking the same approach.The largest is a peaceful group led by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who is leading a prayer from the steps of Chicago's historic Water Tower. The group paused for a moment of silence to remember 17 year old Laquan McDonald, who was shot 16 times by a Chicago police officer last year.A smaller group, One Chicago, is calling on demonstrators to shut down businesses to protest the city's handling of the investigation. Mark Carter, a One Chicago organizer, is exhorting the crowd to, Stop watching the show. Shut this down! Shut this down!Others are yelling at the police officers lining the route. The officers are not responding.Hundreds of activists chanting 16 shots! 16 shots! are stopping traffic as a march begins in Chicago's Magnificent Mile shopping district.The demonstration Friday to protest a fatal shooting by police last year has so far been peaceful. A visitor from Fort Dodge, Iowa, 35 year old Monica Rentz, was taking photos to send to friends as she stood outside her hotel on Michigan Avenue. Rentz says she is in the city for a wedding.She says she shopped at the Disney Store before the march began and that the protesters don't bother her. She says it is interesting because she has never seen anything like this in Iowa.The march is the latest demonstration in the city since Tuesday, when officials released a video that shows 17 year old Laquan McDonald being shot 16 times and prosecutors charged Officer Jason Van Dyke with first degree murder.A protest march has begun in Chicago's shopping district, with the Rev. Jesse Jackson in the middle of a crowd that's shouting, What do we want? Justice. When do we want it? Now!Several hundred demonstrators have gathered in the drizzling rain, many with umbrellas and plastic wrapped signs.Among them is 73 year old Frank Chapman of Chicago, who says a video released Tuesday showing the fatal shooting of 17 year old Laquan McDonald by police officer Jason Van Dyke confirms what activists have said for years about Chicago police brutality.He says his organization, the Chicago Alliance Against Racism and Political Oppression, is pushing for an elected, civilian police accountability council.The release of a video showing the fatal shooting of 17 year old Laquan McDonald has set off days of largely peaceful protests. Taking Friday's demonstrations to the city's main shopping area ensures high visibility.John Curran is vice president of the Magnificent Mile Association, which represents 780 businesses on North Michigan Avenue. He says members always have robust public safety plans in place because of the area's high profile, its huge crowds and the urban setting.And protests there are nothing new.Some 20 million people visit each year. North Michigan Avenue is one of the largest shopping attractions in the Midwest and hosts many flagship stores, hotels and luxury brands.The Chicago Teachers Union is encouraging its members to join a march in Chicago's shopping district to protest the fatal shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer.锘? Basketball Tournament Slam Dunk Contest Slideshow Live with the second annual Nike 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament. Of those events, the one that packed the most punch of the weekend was the Nike 3 on 3 Slam Dunk Competition featuring some of the best dunkers in the world, including former NBA player, James White. Unfortunately for the many fans that crowded around to see the extraordinary dunk master in action and the dunker himself, White was forced to shut it down after his second dunk attempt. As he began his ascent from the free throw line, White seemed to push off awkwardly on his left leg, causing him to slip on the court. (Check out exclusive photos of James White's dunk below) While the extent of the injury is unknown, White appeared to be favoring his left ankle following the attempt and, as a precautionary measure, he did not return to the competition. White, who recently signed to play with Dinamo Sassari of the Italian Basketball League A, was a second round draft pick (31st overall) of the Portland Trail Blazers in 2006 and has appeared in NBA games with the San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets and Denver Nuggets. (Check out some of James White's dunk videos here) Despite the absence of White from the dunk competition, there was no shortage of high flying thrills as a number of performers wowed the crowd with a phenomenal dunk display. Down the stretch, two epic dunkers, Terry Cournoyea and Brandon Lacue, battled it out, countering each others attempts with an incredible dunk barrage, before T Dub got the crowd on their feet and blew everyone away with a perfectly executed 540 degree windmill jam. If you missed out on this year's Nike basketball display have no fear, event planners have already begun making preparations for next year's tournament.锘? dead in ceiling collapse at Cambodia shoe factory PHNOM PENH Three people were killed when the ceiling of a warehouse fell in at a shoe factory in Cambodia, a government minister said on Thursday, adding to concern about safety standards at Asian factories producing clothes cheaply for Western consumers. Cambodia has seen a rush of investment in recent years, especially into the shoe and garment sector, with Western and Asian firms attracted by its low cost labour. The International Monetary Fund says garments account for about 80 percent of the Southeast Asian country's exports. Ith Sam Heng, minister of social affairs, told Reuters another six people had been injured in the incident at the plant in the Kong Pisei district of Kampong Speu province, 50 km (30 miles) west of the capital, Phnom Penh. We will investigate the case and we will take measures against those involved, he said, meaning anyone who might be held responsible for poor safety standards. An eight storey complex of factories housing garment manufacturers collapsed in Bangladesh on April 24, killing more than 1,100 people. That has sparked campaigns in the West to improve safety conditions at plants in the country supplying Western brand names. Strikes over pay and poor working conditions are common in the sector in Cambodia, also home to numerous factories producing clothing cheaply for Western retailers. Ngeth Phat, 29, who was among those rescued on Thursday, said Wing Star had been open for little more than a year but there had already been two strikes by workers over poor working conditions and low wages she put at a month. After I got into work, bits of brick dropped on me, and about 10 minutes later the whole ceiling collapsed. It was completely dark and I was under other people, she told Reuters from a hospital bed in Phnom Penh. Ou Sam Oun, the governor of Kampong Speu province, said the factory would provide compensation of ,000 to the families of the people who had died and ,000 each to workers who were injured. Most Popular Most Read Most Shared 1 Several students stabbed at Pennsylvania high school; suspect in custody 2 'I did what was right': Al Sharpton on being mob informant 3 Fla. woman her life 3 SEE IT: Prince George goes on first royal crawl about in New Zealand 4 Fla. woman goes on naked rampage at McDonald's 5 Texas woman found guilty of stiletto heel murder 6 Marine guard shoots colleague at Camp Lejeune 7 Alabama man doused sleeping girlfriend with hot grease: cops 8 Light in NASA's Mars pix spark speculation about life 9 'I did what was right': Al Sharpton on being mob informant 10 Woman caught defecating in courthouse elevator Editor's Picks Lacey Holsworth, inspiration for Michigan State star, dies of cancer Princess Lacey, whose unlikely bond with a college basketball star became a national story, died on Wednesday, her family announced. Lacey Holsworth, the 8 year old cancer patient, became close friends with Michigan State's Adreian Payne after a hospital visit by the Spartans star two years ago. Several students stabbed at Pennsylvania high school; suspect in custody Stabbings have been reported at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pa. A suspect is in custody and about four or five students were attacked, according to CBS Pittsburgh. Police and paramedics are currently on the scene. Wednesday, police said. Officer Dennis Guerra was pronounced dead at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, cops said. Selena Gomez visits Justin Bieber at recording studio Was this visit personal or business? Selena Gomez stopped by Miami's Hit Factory recording studio Tuesday, where ex boyfriend Justin Bieber has been recording for over a week. Oregon police arrest fedora wearing hipster bandit Portland's fedora wearing hipster bandit has finally been busted, police said. Thaddeus Lindsay Woods, 31, is the man cops believe hit up two American Apparels and an Urban Outfitters in October. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler to star in new film: report The beloved comedy duo whose two time Golden Globes hosting gigs have cemented them a dynamic pairing are said to be working on a new movie titled The Nest. Lupita Nyong'o leads the pack for Marie Claire's Fresh Faces issue Lupita Nyong'o, Kate Mara, Elle Fanning: Is this the new generation of leading ladies? Marie Claire thinks so. Along with Game of Thrones starlet Emilia Clarke and Elle Fanning, the group of starlets grace five different covers of the magazine's May issue, which focuses on up and coming Hollywood women. SEE IT: Photographer spoofs Paulina Gretzky Golf Digest cover An Orlando based photographer decided to have a little fun with the outrage sparked by Paulina Gretzky's appearance on the cover of Golf Digest. The photographer, Cy Cyr, grabbed a bunch of his buddies for a photo shoot spoofing the controversial May cover featuring Wayne Gretzky's daughter wearing white yoga pants and a matching barely there sports bra. Texas woman found guilty of stiletto heel murder Prosecutors said Ana Trujillo stabbed 59 year old Alf Stefan Andersson at least 25 times in the face and head until he bled to death on his Houston condo's floor in June. Police seek man who molested girl on 4 train Cops are searching for a pervert who molested a 13 year old girl on a No. 4 train. The creep was aboard the Bronx bound train when the girl boarded at the 125th St. Station in East Harlem on March 26, police said. New hope to find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 with pings in the deep Just as hopes of finding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were sinking, searchers were buoyed Tuesday as they picked up two pings that could be from the plane's black box deep in the Indian Ocean. The Ultimate Warrior, aka Jim Hellwig, dead at 54: WWE Jim Hellwig, the man who portrayed the immensely popular wrestler the Ultimate Warrior, has died, according to the WWE. He was 54. Autistic kids' families sue Disney over theme park line policy The lawsuit filed in a federal California court Apr. 3 claims Disney is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act after it stopped offering autistic visitors a 'guest assistance card.' Chaplain, NYPD chief head to bedside of cop injured in fire A priest was summoned Tuesday to the hospital bedside of a NYPD housing cop who was badly hurt by a Coney Island arson fire and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was on his way as well. Richards, St. Louis help Rangers blow by Hurricanes Brad Richards scored two power play goals, both off offensive draws he won with teammates' help, and Martin St. Louis erupted for three assists as the playoff bound Rangers ambushed the Carolina Hurricanes, 4 1, in their penultimate regular season home game.锘? Demonstrate for Its First Time on Dragon Year China will meet the dragon year in 2012, in the dragon year, Nike will present Chinese a special edition of training shoes: Nike Trainer 1.3 on January 15. What the marrow of training hard is faster, stronger, every step on the ground, and whatever obstacles you face, never give up. On the purpose of improving training efficiency, the new style Nike Trainer 1.3 has the quality of flexibility, comfortable and less vibration. No matter what kind of training, this style of training shoes will give you more ideal wearing feeling and training experience. Look at the logo, two encircled dragon forms a gossip along the Yin and Yang direction. The Nike Trainer 1.3 special style of dragon design shoes colors consist of red and yellow, which is also the main colors of sole. 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From February 23 to April 18, Nike 706 space will sincerely sent cast the legendary to all portraits who have experienced and would like to experience twenty three this historical story. The goal was to once again revisit the glory, making the mind washed again, so that the legend will be engraved on the heart of people. Michael Jordan is our eternal basketball hero. The footwear industry of Quanzhou has went through the baptism of a lot of setbacks from the past twenty years reformation and opening, and at the beginning they just used a few pairs of hammers, some scissors and a few sewing machines to begin their business. Through increased investment in technology, improved product technology content, the pursuit of scale and other approaches, the industry has gradually made progress.锘? Easy Ways to Be Ghetto Fabulous with Pictures Get your hair right. You may not be able to get your hair professionally done, but always have it looking professional. If you can, go to beauty salon to get your hair done. If you can't, ask a friend or family member to help you out. Make sure to maintain it. No self respecting ghetto diva would walk around with bad hair. What kind of 'do do you do? Think classy with a tinge of urban realness. A weave or cornrows are very popular, but try to turn them into something fresh. You won't necessarily be ghetto fabulous if you look too ghetto or you look too fabulous. Ghetto fabulous is about combining the two. Find the clothes that fit your most ghetto fabulous self. What you wear says a lot about you: Where you're from and where you're going. If you're using clothing to express your inner ghetto fabulousness, what you're saying is this I may have come from the ghetto, but I have bigger dreams I want to fulfill. Dressing like this is a way of paying respect to where you came from. Pay attention to these general rules when dressing: Clothes should always be form fitting. Form fitting is absolutely key! You want to be sexy and seductive without giving anything away. Remember, men like to use their imagination. Applebottoms are a good place to start for form fitting jeans. Your whole outfit should coordinate, both in color and style. That means for the most part, don't mix brands. Stick with BabyPhat for one day, Nike the other, and Guess the next. Use black and white colors to help color coordinate. Black and white are neutral colors that you can use to mix and match your outfit. Black and teal; white and purple; black and yellow. Bonus points for color coordinating your outfit to match sports teams, local or not. Satin and denim are appropriate year round. There's never a wrong time to wear them. Be stacked when it comes to clothes. And when I dress, it's nothing never less than Guess. Just like the ladies, what you wear says a lot about who you are. Men have just as much choice when it comes to what to wear as women do. Here are some quick guidelines: Jerseys are absolutely essential. Bonus points for repping jerseys from your local area, although hometown teams are required. The ghetto fabulous rank and file often wear jerseys from teams based on their design and color, more conscious of the fashion sense than any pride associated with local competition. Meet Karin, a wikiHowian of over 5 years who loves to write, review, read, and edit articles. She's started 93 articles on wikiHow, mainly on agricultural topics. Most recently, she's been working on editing How to Tell if a Cow or Heifer Is Pregnant to make some improvements based on reader feedback and questions. Of editing itself, she says, It's fun to work on the articles of interest on here. I can easily go into my area of expertise and understanding and further work and shape it into something better than it was before. That's the beauty of this site. To new editors, she advises, If you've got an interest in almost anything, use the articles to give you some ideas on what can be done, and what else you want to contribute to. You can jump in the deep end with both feet like I did with major edits and a lot of articles started that others never thought to add before, or go into the shallows and develop ideas on what you want to get started on. Just remember, no matter what you do, there are always people around to help and for you to go to if you have any questions or concerns.锘? fitness apps to turn your smartphone into a personal trainer If you want to get in great shape, but you can't always make it to the gym, and maybe a personal trainer isn't in your budget, try working out with your smartphone. New apps can turn your smartphone into a virtual trainer and help you meet you fitness goals. Set your phone down and watch the photos and videos while you workout, or if you prefer to workout with your phone on an armband, simply listen to the audio cues as you exercise. We took Nike Training Club, and for a testdrive. With several different exercises like bicycle crunches and leg lifts to target our abs, we felt the workout in our entire core. With exercises utilizing household objects like a chair or a study table, you don't even need any equipment to get a great workout. He thought it was a great choice for anyone looking to increase his or her exercise endurance. Click the muscle group you want to work and the app lists exercises using everything from bodyweight to kettlebells to gym equipment. You can even build a workout streak, which is nice way to stay motivated. The app allows you to skip ahead during the workout and pick exercise variations.锘? formas de identificar Nike falsos Lee los niveles de popularidad y revisiones antes de comprar algo. [1] Evita los vendedores que sustituyen las fotos de zapatos Nike verdaderos con fotos de zapatos almacenados. Evita artculos que reclaman ser personalizado, variante o muestra de los zapatos tennis Nike. Las verdaderas muestras de zapatos tennis Nike solo vienen en tamao de EUA 9 para hombres, tamao 7 para mujeres y tamao 3.5 para nios. Evita los zapatos tennis Nike que tienen un precio inferior al valor normal. Ve el inventario entero del vendedor. Por razones desconocidas, los falsificadores tienden a no vender tamao de EUA 9, 13, o ms grande. Los zapatos tennis Nike ms viejos que estn fuera de produccin casi nunca estn disponibles en tamaos enteros, Si ests buscando un par de zapatos tennis Nike antiguos y encuentras un sitio que tiene almacenados unos 200 de ellos, muy probablemente son falsos. Verifica el tiempo estimado de envo. Si es de 7 a 14 das la fecha de entrega, muy probablemente estn siendo enviados desde China (un verificado falsificador de zapatos tennis Nike) u otro pas distante. Si debes ordenar Nike en lnea, es mejor comprarlos directamente del sitio de internet de la compaa. Examina la condicin de los zapatos. Si has tenido zapatos tennis Nike similares en el pasado, compralos a tus nuevos zapatos. Si los dos pares difieren significativamente en calidad, es muy probable que tus nuevos zapatos sean falsos y se deshagan en los primeros das de uso. Los verdaderos Nike son siempre ms suaves y ms grises que los falsos. Esto es porque estn hechos de verdadera piel, mientras que los falsos estn hechos de plastipiel. Las medias suelas de los zapatos tennis Nike tienden a tener puntos visibles del proceso de manufactura, a diferencia de los verdaderos Nike. Revisa las cintas. Los verdaderos zapatos tennis Nike usualmente estn completamente encintados, mientras que los falsos tienden a saltarse cada otro agujero. Examina el nmero SKU en la caja y las etiquetas dentro de los zapatos. Cada par de zapatos tennis autnticos vienen con un nmero SKU que es idntico al nmero SKU en la caja. Si los nmeros no estn o no son idnticos, es muy probable que sean falsos. Verifica la etiqueta en la lengua. Con frecuencia, los manufactureros ponen etiquetas de fecha obsoleta dentro en el interior del zapato. Por ejemplo, una etiqueta falsa dice que el zapato fue diseado en 2008 cuando en realidad Nike los manufactur por primera vez ese artculo en 2010.锘? in jail after robbery Three Detroit men accused in a daring midday grab and run robbery at a Logan Valley Mall jewelry store are in jail after leading police on a chase on Route 764 Friday afternoon. Darrell D. Reed, 19, Thurran A. Turner, 19, and a 17 year old male are facing a laundry list of charges including robbery and attempted homicide. and ran off with a Rolex watch worth about ,000. According to police and court documents, the 17 year old allegedly went into Kranich's and began asking about Rolex watches. After trying on a few, he allegedly bolted from the store with a Rolex Day Date watch on his wrist. Just as the robber was running from Kranich's, Mike Trialonas was coming in the mall doors by the jewelry store. I just heard a bunch of people screaming, 'Stop him!' Trialonas, 30, said Thursday afternoon. Trialonas said he just reacted when he saw the robbery suspect racing toward him. Trialonas grabbed him, slammed him against the wall, and they both fell to the floor. After the suspect wrestled himself free, Trialonas said he and others chased him outside where they saw the suspect get into a parked PT Cruiser in the mall's parking garage area. According to police, the driver of a 1993 Dodge Colt tried to block the PT Cruiser, allegedly being driven by Reed, from pulling out of the parking spot, but the driver told police that Reed rammed through, hitting the Colt and a parked car. The PT Cruiser driver then tried to run over Trialonas. He swerved at me and I had to dive out of the way, said Trialonas, who said he thought he broke his thumb in his struggle with the suspect and was going to the hospital to have it checked. The PT Cruiser left the mall parking lot, headed down Goods Lane toward 58th Street. An Allegheny Township officer pulled the vehicle over at Route 764 and Carson Valley Road, but when the officer got out of his patrol car, the PT Cruiser took off. The officer caught up to the PT Cruiser at the Interstate 99 and Route 22 interchange and ordered Reed, who had gotten out and started walking toward him, to the ground at gunpoint. Logan Township Police Chief Ron Heller said his department also was assisted by Altoona, Blair Township and Duncansville police and that a search of the car turned up the watch. The police did a fantastic job, said Kranich's Co President Michael Kranich, who added that his staff did exactly what they were supposed to do in that situation, which he said was something that has never happened at the Altoona store. Kranich said the robber took the most expensive Rolex in the store and joked, our Rolex watches are just irresistible. Surveillance tapes show a person matching the 17 year old's description put the watch on and run from the store and that the suspect lost a Nike sneaker when he ran into Trialonas, police said. Reed and Turner were arraigned late Thursday before Magisterial District Judge Fred B. Miller. Reed, who told Miller during his arraignment that the trio were just passin' through on their way to Virginia to visit a friend, has been charged with attempted homicide, criminal conspiracy, retail theft, receiving stolen property and other offenses. He was placed in Blair County Prison in lieu of 0,000 cash bail.锘? Key Reasons Why Nike Will Dominate Under Armour For The Rest Of 2015 About: Nike Inc. SummaryNike has a much better valuation than Under Armour. Nike controls endorsements in the NBA. Nike returns money to investors. Nike (NYSE:NKE) and Under Armour (NYSE:UA) no doubt have shown explosive growth over the past few years. Increased demand in this market and the decline of Adidas (OTCQX:ADDYY) (OTCQX:ADDDF) has led to this growth. With Nike currently trading around , Nike investors are excited to see the stock reach a new milestone once it reaches 0. Shares of Nike returned over 20% in 2014. Under Armour had a tremendous year in 2014, returning over 50% that year. Under Armour has already returned nearly 10% so far in 2015 against Nike returning less than a percent. Although Under Armour has destroyed Nike recently, I expect their roles to be reversed as we move further into 2015. When comparing Nike and Under Armour from these two simple valuations, Nike definitely has Under Armour beat. 2. Nike absolutely controls the Endorsements of basketball According to Business Insider, in a study of 442 NBA players, Nike and subsidiary, Jordan, control 72% of the basketball shoe market. Their most popular shoe, the Nike Hyperdunk, is worn by 79 players. Nike, with around .7 billion in endorsements, proved it wasn't afraid to throw money around when offering NBA player Kevin Durant 0 million not to go to Under Armour. With Nike controlling most of the key players in the NBA, its basketball stream of revenue should stay strong. (click to enlarge)Click to enlarge 3. Nike returns money back to investors, while Under Armour does not Nike pays out a nice little dividend of .12 a share, yielding just over a percent. While it does not sound like much, it pays a lot better than Under Armour which has no dividend history. When it comes to share buyback programs, Nike is in the process of an billion buyback program, decreasing its shares outstanding by about 2% in 2014. Under Armour has no history of repurchasing any of its shares. NKE Shares Outstanding data by YChart If deciding between Nike and Under Armour for a sportswear company to add to your portfolio, the choice is clear. Nike has the better financials and all of the endorsements that Under Armour is missing. When it comes to future growth, Under Armour has plenty of potential growth, but its current market price may be too high to capitalize on this likelihood. Nike, although not the cheapest valued stock on the market, is a much better deal when comparing its trailing P/E ratio and market to book value to Under Armour's.锘? Mater Dei girls past No SANTA ANA, Calif. If Mater Dei High School (Santa Ana) junior Kaleena Mosqueda Lewis is indeed the best player in the country, as her coach Kevin Kiernan claims, then teammate Jordan Adams isn't far behind. The superlative, sometimes spectacular do everything 6 foot 1 sophomore point guard showed all of her skills even leaping up to tip away a ball wedged between the backboard and rim in the final minute during an entertaining 71 58 victory over Whitney Young (Chicago) in the premier game of the Nike Extravaganza between national powers Friday night. When she plays aggressively like that offensively, we're pretty hard to beat, Lewis said. She was pretty phenominal tonight. Lewis, a 6 foot 1 forward, wasn't bad either. She scored a game high 22 points and added 10 rebounds, but it Adams who had the monumental responsibilities of taking care of the ball against Young's brutal pressure. Adams, considered the top sophomore in the country, also made a point to make points, driving to the hoop for the game's first basket, setting the tone for a 21 point outing to go along with five rebounds. I knew coming into the game I would have (to be a little more aggressive), Adams said. The main thing was to be consistent and play hard. They had to in order to keep Young at bay and knock No. 7 Dolphins (22 1) from the ranks of the unbeaten. Mater Dei (24 1), ranked third in the MaxPreps Xcellent 25 national rankings, received another huge game from underappreciated 5 11 junior Jessica Duarte (19 points and 12 rebounds) and solid efforts from 5 8 guard Alex Thomas (six points, four assists, two steals) and Alexas Williamson (six rebounds). It helped offset spirited efforts from 5 6 junior guard Kiana Johnson, 12 points from 5 9 freshman Linnae Harper and 11 by super quick 5 6 senior Janee Thompson. Kiana Johnson never stopped driving. The and Mater Dei, ranked third in MaxPreps' Xcellent 25 national rankings, were able to knock No. 7 Young (22 1) from the ranks of the unbeaten. The Dolphins hung tough despite winning the Chicago City championship the night before in Illinois and not arriving to Orange County until noon. CST. Johnson and Young coach Corry Irvin refused to use that as an excuse. Overall I wasn not pleased with our effort, especially early, Irvin said. I didn't see our usual hustle. Said Johnson: We can play much better than that. Even though this was different for us and we played yesterday we should have been able to shake that off. Once Irvin found out that the Chicago championships conflicted with the Extravaganza she considered cancelling the California trip. Ultimately, she thought it would benefit the Dolphins. Obviously this wasn't ideal, said Irvin, who has done a superb job since taking over Young eight years ago with one state title, a second place finish and two third place finishes. And I probably shouldn't be so hard on the girls now. But hopefully this will prepare us for the post season. The Dolphins certainly looked ready early during a tremendous first quarter that featured six lead changes and six ties, the last one on a putback by Young's Gillan Asque (six points, 10 rebounds) tying the score at 16 16 at the end of the first half. Another putback, this one by Alexis Loyd, gave Young its last lead 22 20 midway throught the second, before Mater Dei rattled off eight straight started with two free throws by Lewis, a flying fastbreak hoop by Adams, two free throws by Duarte, who finished things off with a tough inside layup. From there, the Dolphins were swimming up stream but always within striking distance. A 15 4 run keyed by a 3 pointers by Adams and Duarte and finished off with a spectacular end to end drive and layup by Thomas, give the Monarchs a 56 40 lead with 7:20 left in the game.锘? Mater Dei Still Unbeaten SANTA ANA, Calif. The monkey continues to perch on the shoulders of Mater Dei's boys basketball team but the Monarchs seem oblivious. They're even throwing it peanuts. The host Monarchs continued their undefeated season with a solid 59 50 win over one of the Midwest's best, the Farragut Academy Admirals out of Chicago, in the premier and final contest of the 13 game Nike Extravaganza XIII before about 3,500 fans on Saturday. The nation's third best team, according to MaxPreps, were once again wonderfully balanced as Andy Brown led the way with 16 points, sophomore Gary Franklin added 12 and Travis Wear 10. Wear's 6 foot 10 twin brother David Wear added nine points and 13 rebounds as the Monarchs improved to 25 0. Yes there's a big monkey on your back when you haven't lost, but we can't even think about it, David Wear said. At this point of the year, you have to just keep winning. They did Saturday thanks to some tough interior defense. Farragut managed just 33 percent shooting from the field (20 of 60) and the foul line (4 of 12). The Admirals stayed competitive with some tenacious defense of their own and nine steals that led some easy fastbreak points. When your undefeated, everyone gives you their best shot, said Franklin, who scored all of his points on three pointers including one with 1:01 left to key an 11 0 run to end the game. We took a pretty good one tonight but still haven't lost. This was a good one to toughening us up for the playoffs. The Admirals (15 4), making their first ever trip to the West Coast, gave a spirited effort, led by 15 points from Isiah Williams, 13 by Darius Stowers and 10 by Marvin Thigpen. But Mater Dei's huge front line seemed to give troubles to Farragut's big gun, 6 9, 230 pound Michael Dunigan, who finished with just seven points and eight rebounds. The Oregon bound star did have four blocks, two that led to spectacular fastbreak dunks. Those guys were big and round and strong, Dunigan said. And we didn't make adjustments down the stretch. Said 25 year Farragut coach William Nelson, whose most famous pupil is Kevin Garnett: We normally get more production out of our bigs. But I have no complaints. We had a lot of contributions all around. We just lost to a team that's 25 0. No shame in that. Mater Dei seemed in control after a three pointer from Franklin gave them a 49 44 lead with 4:50 left. But the Admirals scored six straight on two free throws from Stowers, a spectacular dunk by Troynell Adams and another fastbreak hoop by Adams. That gave Farragut its last lead, 50 49 with 3:02 left. Brown made two free throws to put Mater Dei up for good, before Franklin drilled his last three pointer, giving the Monarchs some breathing room. Gary has been coming up big with three pointers all year, Travis Wear said. He's been really clutch. Said Franklin: You can shoot with confidence when you have big guys like we have down low. Mater Dei 59, Farragut 50 Mater Dei 11 14 15 19 59 MATER DEI (25 0): Trice 3 0 0 7, Franklin 4 0 0 12, Brown 5 6 6 16, D Wear 4 1 2 9, Amet 2 0 0 5, T. Wear 4 1 1 10. Totals 22 9 10 59. FARRAGUT (15 4): Williams 7 0 1 15, Thigpen 4 0 0 10, Stowers 4 2 6 13, Adams 2 1 3 5, Dunigan 3 1 2 7. Totals 20 4 12 50. 3 point goals: Trice, Franklin 4, Amet, T. Wear, Williams, Thigpen 2, Stowers 3. FAIRFAX (Los Angeles) 62, ST. PATRICK (St. Patrick coach Kevin Boyle was lamenting. It was the uncontested 15 footers the Celtics kept missing in the fourth quarter that cost them this battle between East and West Coast powers. St. Patrick (16 3) missed seven free throws in the final stanza, including four by the game's top player Dexter Strickland (28 points, seven rebounds) that helped Fairfax, which played the last 6:38 without star center Renardo Sidney who fouled out. The 6 foot 10, 245 pound Sidney, ranked the No. 1 junior in the country, was barely a factor, going for just nine points and four rebounds in 23 minutes. He did show a superb passing ability with five assists. Sidney's foul out made the defeat all the more frustrating for the Celtics, the three time defending New Jersey Parochial B champions. The last game we were 19 of 24 from the line, Boyle said. Today we were 5 for 12 in the fourth quarter. It's just a matter of being mentally tough and taking advantage of your opportunities. We didn't do that.锘? men wanted for holding gas station clerk at gunpoint NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) Police said one man held the employee at gunpoint and demanded cigarettes and money while another man stole some items. The third man acted as a lookout.In a matter of minutes, they robbed the place and ran across the street, where K 9s tracked their scent. Police believe they got away in a car.All three suspects are black men in their mid 20s. One of them was wearing a red long sleeved shirt with a white armband, dark pants and a black bandanna around his face. The second man was wearing a gray Nike hoodie and dark pants. The third man had on a blue hoodie and jeans.Police have released surveillance photos of the crime. If you recognize the men, call Crime Stoppers at 615 74 CRIME. Friday. Friday. Friday.Investigators working to determine cause of Lebanon plane crashInvestigators working to determine cause of Lebanon plane crashUpdated: Friday, January 8 2016 9:18 PM EST2016 01 09 02:18:39 GMTMark Harrell's Mini Max plane crashed on Thursday.A pilot was killed after his small plane crashed in the backyard of a home in Lebanon on Thursday.A pilot was killed after his small plane crashed in the backyard of a home in Lebanon on Thursday.Police arrest couple suspected in several grocery store robberiesPolice arrest couple suspected in several grocery store robberiesUpdated: Friday, January 8 2016 7:52 PM EST2016 01 09 00:52:51 GMTMonray Johnson (Source: Metro Nashville PD)A couple suspected in numerous grocery store robberies in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama has been arrested. A couple suspected in numerous grocery store robberies in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama has been arrested.Attorney says Metro police policy does more harm than goodAttorney says Metro police policy does more harm than goodUpdated: Friday, January 8 2016 7:05 PM EST2016 01 09 00:05:08 GMT锘? million in shoes stolen 5 years ago WLKY screenshot/ YouTube Police have confiscated million worth of shoes from a Kentucky home. It sounds like someone has a shoe fetish that got out of hand, but it's a bit more sinister than that, according to MSN News on June 2. This bizarre story had police taking possession of all these shoes that were scattered in front of a house where two women live. As you can see in the picture above, the front yard looked like an army of shoes were invading. This amount of shoes on someone's lawn is bound to spark the attention of the neighbors. Apparently someone saw this because the police were called in to investigate this sea of Nike sneakers. Armed with a search warrant police found that the shoes were from a shipment that went missing back in 2009, reports the New York Daily News. The footwear shipment started out at a Tennessee Nike distribution center and was shipped to a distribution center in Texas. Somehow during transit, the shipment worth million was lost. That was five years ago and now these shoes are recovered, but they are out of date and most likely not worth what they were in 2009. The women claim that they didn't steal them, they purchased the entire lot of shoes from someone else. They didn't plan to wear all the shoes, they were selling them at local flea markets. Police are investigating and so far no one has been arrested. Sneaker News reports that Nike has confirmed that these were indeed the shipment of Nike sneakers that went missing in transit five years ago. The two women were selling these sneakers, that at one time went for the big bucks in the stores, for a pair at the flea markets. The shoes included every kind of Air Jordan and lines of dress shoes from Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. The home that had all these shoes lined up on the lawn was in Harden County. Nike used the order numbers of the shoes to match them up with the order numbers of the shoes that were in the stolen shipment. This bizarre case has no one slated for arrest yet, but the investigation is still on going. When these shoes were first stolen five years ago, their prices were astronomical. Sneaker News archived articles from 2009 show that Air Jordan sneakers from 2009 were sold on average for about 0 a pair. Some special editions sold for over 0 a pair.锘? million to RED if people use Snapchat on Tuesday By doing little more than taking a photo and swiping across their smartphone screen a few times, Snapchat users on Tuesday can raise as much as million to combat AIDS. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation plans to donate to the nonprofit group (RED) for each use of a decorative AIDS Day banner on Snapchat. Known to Snapchat users as geofilters, the digital banners or stickers typically bear the name of an event or place, providing a creative way for users to tell friends where a photo or video was taken. Companies also can advertise through geofilters. But in this case, Snapchat isn charging (RED). The company is distributing free three versions of the AIDS Day geofilter on Tuesday, a Snapchat spokeswoman said. The Gates Foundation partnered with (RED) on the fundraising front. U2 frontman Bono and Bobby Shriver founded (RED) a decade ago to create a brand around AIDS prevention for special products from big brands like Nike, Starbucks and Beats Electronics, with a portion of those sales going to medical education and treatment. It has raised 5 million. UC joins Bill Gates' clean energy coalition with billion investment William Yardley The University of California is looking to play a prominent role as Bill Gates and other billionaires from around the world form a new private fund that will invest in the development of large scale carbon free energy solutions. The fund, announced Monday in connection with the climate change talks. The University of California is looking to play a prominent role as Bill Gates and other billionaires from around the world form a new private fund that will invest in the development of large scale carbon free energy solutions. The fund, announced Monday in connection with the climate change

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What sport shoes do you want to have? Would you like to wear nike air max 2010? Do you want to buy air max shoes? Nike air max shoes can meet consumers requirements relying on its innovative air technology. The business brand that created air max technology has long been known as a leader in the upscale shoes market. The Air Max shoes was very well received and for good reason. The fashion shoes are all people favorites. Air Max shoes are the most fashion shoes in this year. If you want to buy shoes, I believe that Air Max shoes are the first choice for you. Hurry up to get your own air max sports shoes in our cheap air max store online! Nike Shox Shoes Sale.锘緼ir Max Shoes have been introduced specifically for the market Cheap White Birkenstocks Guam Sandals Mens Oiled Leather White Outlet Online Going forward with their revamp of dozens of packages worldwide, Nike Soccer (or Nike Sports for those amongst us stateside) is unveiling the 100th perpetuity Santos kit. Some sort of shorts are associated with 100% recycled cotton while the tee shirts are comprised related no less compared with the number 96% recycled cotton. Overall, each kit is of material is based on 13 recycled plastic containers. discontinued birkenstock sandals

pink birkenstock For example, Rebook surpassed Nike by springing up female sporting goods market, and Adidas is competing with Nike all over the world via merging strategy, and Nike beat back Rebook after finishing global operation, which all prove that those innovative companies that adopted effective strategies according to target market, could win the initiative status in competition. birkenstock price

This NIKE AIR MAX the major type activity will conduct at the same day on 21st in the global 9 city synchronizations, Asia only has Beijing, China and the Japanese Osaka two stations. Shoes confused regarding global NIKE the AIR, this was without doubt in 2006 a new year's special grand meeting. best birkenstock style The shoe worn by marathon runners will also save about 19 percent of its old marathon shoe weight or about the weight of a car over the 40,000 steps typically taken in a marathon, Lotti said.

Cheap White Birkenstocks Guam Sandals Mens Oiled Leather White Outlet Online With 100 outlet stores, the newly named Hagerstown Premium Outlets have seen customers from all over Maryland. Shop and save from the biggest names including Adidas, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and Under Armour. Receive more special savings and member deals by joining the VIP Shopper Club. Members benefit from online access to The VIP lounge which sends out vouchers for VIP coupon books, and e mail updates of promotions and store events. The Hagerstown Premium Outlets has become locally known too for the Midnight Madness sale, an after Thanksgiving sale when doors open at midnight for holiday savings. Cheap Mens Birkenstock Granada Sandals Dark Orange Outlet Online The Cavaliers (4 1) have a home game with Cleveland this Friday. They play in the Lake Oswego Nike Interstate Shootout Dec. Friday, Dec. 27, in their tournament opener. birkenstock thongs

pink birkenstock Puma said the deal was the biggest ever, for both itself and the football club. Find Mr. Blue. President's personal wish was that all men be FREE. Not only did they name the park after him, they erected a monument too.

I made the decision to run my first marathon last spring. I had trained for the Chicago Marathon in 2007 only to wind up with a fractured femur four weeks out from the race. I decided maybe the distance was too much and continued to run halfs. I decided I had waited long enough last spring and made the decision to shoot for my dream of completing a marathon and one day running Boston. I signed up for the Last Chance BQ.2 marathon in Batavia which would give me a shot at qualifying. I developed my own 15 week training program and went all in. I raced the Chicago Zooma Women half marathon as a fitness gauge before the marathon and took second place. In September of last year I completed my first marathon, finished as the first place female in 3:10:34 and qualified for Boston. I couldn believe all my dreams were coming true. I decided to continue to shoot for the moon. I ran the Naperville half marathon 8 weeks later and took second place with a time of 1:25 and I thought nothing could stop me, that was until I wound up in the hospital later that night. It turns out I had a terrible intestinal infection. I was put on some serious antibiotics and had to take 2 weeks away from running to recover. I wasn going to let it stop me. I ran Boston this past Monday in some of the worst racing conditions I have ever endured. I managed to finish in 3:07 which was 3 minutes faster than my first marathon. I signed up for Chicago the day after Boston and I'm determined to set my goals even higher, I want to run a sub 3 hour marathon and I think Chicago is exactly the place to do it. On my own turf, with my friends and family watching me tackle my new goals and dreams. There is nothing that can dampen my desire and determination and I find no greater joy than testing the limits of the heart and the body. birkenstock shops The Lauren Scene is undoubtedly the one in which Jordan Belfort faces off with his nemesis,FBIAgent Patrick Denham, played byKyle Chandler,for the first time aboard his yacht. The almost 8 minute scene shows long shots with the recognisable polo player logo clearly visibly. cheap mens birkenstocks

pink birkenstock I love all the mantras. One day last week I was starting to go into why am I doing this? mode somewhere around the 3km point. I sort of had a Zen moment and just kept telling myself, It's time to run, so I am running until the next walk break came up. It seems to work.锘緼ll Star is snug fit for Nike

best birkenstock style Greater traction is certain without supplemental weight to the shoe with a removable Pebax plate and spike plate containing 5 pins. Tough polymer is utilised for the production of the Nike Basketball Shoes and a three fingered style is applied for higher transition of downward strength into forward strength. The traction of the shoe is what it is all about when the constructed this engineering which is wonderful for slippery surfaces.

Cheap Womens Birkenstock Arizona Sandals Leather Black Outlet Online Wow, thanks for the replies! I've never gone to a specialty running store or even heard of this gait analysis thing, but we'll go out and take a look tonight. I'll definitely look into the Nike shoes, I had heard Nike was mostly for fashion (high price, low quality) and had mentally ruled them out, I'm interested in a good account of them and I'll put them back on the maybe list. birkenstock shops LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) During the coming week the world again will know Valhalla as more than the majestic resting place for warriors in Norse mythology. For the second time ever, and the first in 14 years, Valhalla Golf Club will host the PGA Championships.Tickets are sold out for all but the opening round of play on Thursday, August 7. However, passes are still available for practice rounds Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and this weekend's preview is free.[RELATED STORY: UPDATED: Traffic, parking and safety plan for PGA Championship at Valhalla]I thought it'd be a fun job, said Dorothy Abernethy, a Pewee Valley mother of two and grandmother of four. who's part of the cleaning crew in what likely will be your first and last stop: the Championship Shop.We have a 38,000 square foot tent here, which is the size of a football field, said Mike Quirk, PGA senior merchandising manager. We've got product for the golfer 10 times over but we also have product for the people who don't golf.Abernethy had her eye on t shirts priced at . The shop offers ball caps, cuff links, key chains and posters galore.I know people who play golf, but I don't, said Abernethy. But I definitely wouldn't mind meeting Tiger Woods!Abernethy, or you, could be clad like Tiger too. Each day's color coordinated Nike attire is for sale. But next Sunday's final round shirt alone, will set you back .Parking's free this weekend. You'll be in Lot X, also known as Beckley Street Park, directly across from Valhalla on Shelbyville Road. Starting Monday through the championship round next Sunday, you'll park at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium or Churchill Downs and be shuttled over to the course.Passes to Monday through Wednesday's practice rounds run to per person. But each pass, any day of the championship, allows the bearer to bring along four juniors children younger than 18 years old. Admission also is free for members of the armed forces, provided they produce their military ID cards at the Will Call window adjoining volunteer headquarters.I don't know of any major sporting event that offers you a deal like that, said Brett Sterba, PGA Championship Director. And practice days, it's a lot easier to engage the players. They're more approachable, before it gets serious and they start playing for million.The event will be so social media friendly that a downloadable app will allow spectators to watch every hole in play. Course managers will allow texting and tweeting in the galleries. Also, spectators will be able to make and receive phone calls in designated areas. But photos are forbidden once play begins.We'll have a watchdog committee looking for just that, Sterba said. They'll get one polite, but firm warning.Need some extra cash? If you own a home, you may want to consider refinancing. While interest rates have increased slightly since the big drop in 2012, they're still near historic lows. While interest rates have increased slightly since the big drop in 2012, they're still near historic lows. at 530 S. at 530 S.锘縝ut can Nike onesie that looks like a golf ball win the U Olympic track and field athletes will wear uniforms at the London Summer Olympics that Nike says could shave up to 0.023 seconds off 100 meter sprint times a difference that could have elevated Walter Dix from bronze to the silver medal at the Beijing Olympics. Dix still wouldn't have caught the fastest man in the world that day. Usain Bolt of Jamaica simply ran away from the field in the final, setting a world record that he would later break again. Olympic track and field team will wear the Nike all in one suit as their official uniform in the hope that it will make them faster The company said its tests showed an unexpectedly big difference in the 100 , 200 and 400 meter races. The outfits were unveiled Thursday evening in New York. 'We couldn't believe the numbers,' said Martin Lotti, Nike's Olympics creative director. 'That's not just the difference between first and second place, it's about making the podium.' The added texture might seem counterintuitive, but the company studied the aerodynamics of golf balls and found the textures and dimples make it more efficient. Patterned patches are on the forearm and leg, the fastest moving parts of the body. 'The logical thing would have been to make it smoother or use lighter materials, but we challenged ourselves to think differently,' Lotti said. Technology suit: The added texture might seem counterintuitive, but the company studied the aerodynamics of golf balls and found the textures and dimples make it more efficient Spyder made a similar claim with speed suits in Vancouver for skiers and the Americans had one of their best showings in Alpine. The Speedo LZR Racer that Michael Phelps and teammates donned for the 2008 Beijing Olympics made a mockery of world a sport of hundredths and thousandths there has been no great leap forward in track and field, like the suits swimming had,' said Jill Geer, chief communications officer for USA Track and Field. But if Cheap White Birkenstocks Guam Sandals Mens Oiled Leather White Outlet Online

Cotton has more than doubled in price over the past year, hitting all time highs. The price of other synthetic fabrics has jumped roughly 50 percent as demand for alternatives and blends has risen. sale birkenstock This affair elicited the following wry commentary from economists Drusilla Brown, Alan Deardorif, and Robert Stern:

by Charlie Schroeder and Ryan M. Noll Cheap White Birkenstocks Guam Sandals Mens Oiled Leather White Outlet Online A Personalized Christmas Gift Basket Makes a Perfect Gift birkenstock store birkenstock shoes men

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